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Financing a Car in Texas

When you think about getting a new car, your mind always goes straight toward buying, and typically that means financing. Financing a car can be complicated depending on your situation, especially where your credit score is involved. If you’re thinking about financing a car in Dallas, you should consider your situation to make sure it is the right move for you! If you’re out of college, have a steady job, and don’t plan on going anywhere, buying a new Jeep Wrangler, a new Ram truck, or any other new SUV or car is probably a great move! This is especially true if you’re getting serious in a relationship or have a growing family. As your life gets bigger, your car will need to get bigger as well, but if you’re at a different place in life, that isn’t always the case.

Leasing a Car in Texas

Are you a student? Are you single? Do you plan on moving in the near future? If you answered yes to any of these questions, leasing a car in Dallas may be the best decision you could make. Leasing is a great option for anyone who isn’t set in one place for life. You can’t see the future, so you can’t know where you’ll be in the next few years. Leasing a car is good in these situations because you’ll have low monthly payments and you’ll have no trade in worries the next time you need to upgrade. Most likely, you won’t have kids to plan for, so you won’t feel the need to make any customizations to your vehicle. On top of that, you’ll always have warranty coverage and the latest technology in the auto industry. These are just a few things to consider when you’re deciding whether to finance or lease.

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Financing Pros & Cons

The most obvious downside when it comes to financing a new Jeep, Ram, or Dodge model is having to have a down payment and paying high monthly payments, along with owing the bank money, which can make anyone uneasy. Another con is that your car will eventually be out of date and also fall out of warranty. While these are some pretty big issues to consider, there are also many upsides to financing a new Jeep, new Dodge, or new Ram truck in Dallas. The first obvious pro is that you will own it; it’s yours. Another great thing about purchasing a new car is that once you’re done paying it off, you won’t have a car note anymore, simple as that. Paying your car note can help raise your credit score too! Some other upsides to financing is that you can customize your car however you’d like and you’re free to sell your car for cash at any time, though the same can’t be said for leasing a car.

Leasing Pros & Cons

Obviously, if you’re leasing a Dodge, Jeep, or Ram vehicle, you can’t sell it for cash; you’ll always have to trade it back in at the dealership. Another obvious con is that you’ll always have a car note. Though these downsides are quite obvious, there are a few cons that you may not consider or even know about. When you turn your car back into the Dallas dealership after your lease is over, they will charge you if there is any damage. Additionally, all car, truck, and SUV lease agreements will have a set amount of miles you’re allowed to travel in your lease vehicle. If you go even one mile over the limit before you bring it back to the dealership, they will charge you. There are lots of unknown details such as these, so if you do end up leasing, be sure to read the fine print!

Now onto the pros of leasing! The biggest and probably best pro is that you won’t have to make a huge down payment, and your monthly payments will be much lower than if you were financing your new Ram, Jeep, Chrysler, or Dodge model. Another great advantage is that you will always be upgrading your car, so you will always have the most up to date technology. Additionally, your car will always be under the dealer warranty, which can definitely save you money!

Custom Financing Opportunity

Do you have maybe not the best credit? Have you had to deal with financial difficulties out of your control that caused more than a couple hits on your credit? Well, we have an opportunity for you. While “good credit” is subjective, the top tier loan services are often quick to turn down any credit score that isn’t perfect, or at least almost perfect. Here at Forest Lane CDJR in Dallas, we know that sometimes things happen. That’s just life. We want to offer you a chance to get back on your feet, because almost everyone needs a car to do so. Even if you’ve had a rocky credit history, we will work with you one-on-one and do everything in our power to get you the auto loan you need to get back one track!

Frequently Asked Questions About New Car Financing in Dallas

Should you finance a car through the dealership?

The short answer is yes. Typically, you can get a lower interest rate through dealership financing. Additionally, dealers may even offer promotional financing discounts on newer models, which gives you an even better deal!

How does financing a car work?

Procuring an auto loan works much like other types of loans. First, you take out a car loan, through a bank or auto dealer. That institution agrees to loan you the money to pay for the car, which you then pay back through monthly payments, plus interest.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Car Leasing in Dallas

Is leasing a car a waste of money?

It is viewed as a waste of money by some people because you don’t normally earn equity when you lease a car, truck, or SUV. What you owe on the car, only catches us to its value at the end of the lease, so you will not have gained any additional value to put into your next vehicle. Additionally, though you did not purchase the car, you are still required to maintain full auto coverage. So, it really just depends on where you are in life and if you would rather pay less money up front or receive more equity in your car.

What happens if you crash a leased car?

If you’re in an accident in a leased car in Dallas, you must notify the leasing company and your insurance company as soon as possible. An accident won’t affect your car lease, but you’ll still owe the leasing company for the value of the vehicle when an accident occurs. However, you may cover repairs with your insurance policy. You may also have gap insurance that pays the difference if you total a leased car, and you suddenly owe the leasing company for the entire value of the vehicle. However, if you’re not put at fault, the offending drivers’ insurance will more than likely have to cover the costs.

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