2021 Jeep Wrangler vs 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee: The Great Debate

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So, you’re looking to buy a new Jeep, but you’re not sure which model would be the best for you. Well, you’re in luck; we’re going to tell you! Deciding to buy a new Jeep is always a good idea, no matter the model, but there are definitely characteristics that make each model unique. Although the new Jeep Grand Cherokees and the new Jeep Wranglers are of the same quality and reputation, there are differences you definitely want to know about. So let’s dive in!
The New 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Do you like adventure but also want to stay a little more low-key when it comes to work or school? Or do you have a big family to drive around? Well, a new Jeep Grand Cherokee will be the best fit for you. Although it isn’t as obvious as the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, the Grand Cherokee also sports rugged off-road capability, and it even has a more powerful engine lineup. If you like a little adventure, but you also need to commute to your job five days a week, this new jeep model, the Grand Cherokee L, will get you anywhere you need to go. Although both models have great off-road capabilities, there are differences between the two models. For example, along with a better fuel economy, the Grand Cherokee model has rear wheel drive and is automatic, while the Wrangler is the opposite, and these are not the only differences. 
The New 2021 Jeep Wrangler
Let us start by saying, all Jeep Wranglers are awesome. The 2020 Jeep Wranglers are cool, but the 2021 Wranglers are even better. According to MotorBiscuit, your new Jeep Wrangler will give you a “sense of adventure,” especially the new Wrangler 4xe. That being said the Wrangler has many great features including incredible off-road capability, so you can get you to any destination, no matter the terrain. If you enjoy going hiking, mud riding, or anything of the sort, then the Wrangler will be your new best friend. If you like to go exploring alone or maybe with your dog, then the 2 Door Jeep Wrangler is the right choice for you, but if you always prefer to make a weekend out of it with your friends or family, then we highly recommend the spacious seating the 4 Door Jeep Wrangler will provide. 
Now, let’s talk specs. The Wrangler is manual and is equipped with 4 Wheel Drive, giving it the power it needs to handle any terrain. To keep the fun going, each and every 2021 Jeep is designed with tiny “Jeep easter eggs” for you to find on the vehicle. These models also boast a state of the art entertainment system that will keep the party going no matter where your trip takes you! If you decide on a Wrangler, you can even customize your new Jeep in almost any way you could imagine!
Custom Jeep Wranglers
Have you ever wanted a lifted Jeep? Or what about a pink Jeep? If you’re thinking about buying a new Wrangler from a Jeep dealership in East Texas, odds are you have also thought about all the ways you can customize it. From Jeep parts, to colors, and Jeep accessories, you can customize pretty much anything when it comes to the new Jeep Wranglers. You can even find custom Jeep Wrangler accessories like Jeep tire covers. The possibilities are literally endless! That statement doesn’t stop at custom Wranglers; it extends to the Jeep Wave Program that covers any old or new Jeep models, including a custom Jeep Grand Cherokee. 
Jeep Wave Program
Because Jeep owners are Jeep owners for life, no matter if you purchase a 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee, a 2021 Jeep Wrangler, a Jeep Gladiator lifted way too high, or anything in between, the Jeep Wave Program benefits will do wonders for you and your new Jeep. One of the perks is that your first three oil changes and tire rotations are covered during the first 36 months of ownership. Additionally, this service and all other services will be performed by a specially-trained Jeep brand technician at any Texas Jeep dealership near Dallas or Arlington. Another amazing part of Jeep Wave Customer Care is the 24/7 support line. You will have access to this at all times if you need assistance or have any questions about your Jeep. The program boasts many other great features, as well. Contact us or stop by our Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership near Fort Worth to learn more or even take a test drive!
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